How to adapt your marketing strategy to new trends?

How to adapt your marketing strategy to new trends?

1 – Should your marketing strategy be adapted for mobile?
This is a question that many people ask themselves.


The answer is obviously yes! 

Gradually, SERPs are recording higher and higher scores for mobile search, so much so that they have taken over searches, using a computer. More than half of all searches are done through a phone. Do you think it’s still possible to overlook this aspect of your marketing strategy? In addition, if only for your natural referencing, Google sanctions sites that are not optimized for mobile. Also remember to pay attention to the UX (User Experience) of your website.

2 – What are the objectives for the website?

Should we generalize or target a specific angle? Your website must meet a specific objective. All its ergonomics and tree structure should be organized around this axis. So before creating your website, define the need it will meet: Do you want to gain credibility, sell products online, generate leads or simply offer a showcase site? Each type of site has its own characteristics that must be respected if we are to achieve our objectives.

3 – What strategy to reach a specific audience?
You should maximize your campaigns, do your best to juggle the automated tools made
available by the platform and the independent ones that represent your expertise. Maximizing a
campaign is not easy, but the best advice for reaching a specific audience is to optimize your targeting and segmentation. For this, what other solution than to call on an expert in digital strategy, or to become one yourself.

Who is your web marketing strategy aimed at?
Before relying on your digital marketing strategy to generate value and revenue, it’s important to
know who this campaign is going to target. In order to better target your strategy, we will see together the different criteria to be taken into account in establishing this target.

Identify your target In identifying your target, the most important step is to make the best use of your CRM data and to collect new ones. If it’s relevant to your business, differentiate your physical customers from your online customers. They sometimes do not have the same characteristics, and certainly not the same expectations. This segmentation can help you better target your web campaigns.
How to do it? Collect data online and use the data you already have: your customer files, your
databases, your orders. Data collection is essential for your segmentation, it allows you to answer all the questions we have seen previously.Make the link between the different data you have in order to have a 360 ° view of your customer and to avoid the “silo” effect which scatter the vital information and prevent you from having the big picture. Identify your needs Why is your target your target?

Try to learn as much as possible about the population you want to target. Does it match what
you are offering? If so, why? For a successful web marketing strategy, it is essential to verify the match between your value proposition and personal expectations. This verification not only allows you to have a quality audience and generate profit, but above all is to ensure that this success is long-term.
Segment! We cannot emphasize this enough.

The key to success is segmenting your targets. The more segmentation is pushed, the more the
content of your strategy is adapted and personalized. This is the most popular quality for customers today. Succeeding in creating this proximity between the customer and the brand is the ultimate for any marketer. Socio-demographic, psychological and behavioral, all the criteria are good to have in order to
create profiles and to create an avatar, the most ideal of reality.

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