The importance of an SEO strategy

Many companies that offer SEO do it mechanically, like following a recipe for a spaghetti sauce.

We prefer to consider it - and perform it - as an essential part of a gourmet meal. This way, it blends in with your products and services in a subtle yet effective way.

We make sure that your organic SEO fits in with your communications, in your strategies with your partners, on the different digital channels and harmonizes with your content.

How to reference your website on Google?

With an optimized natural referencing, having a well-built website helps get good ranking results and be indexed in Google.

The analysis of all Google products must also be well orchestrated to get good results : analyze performance with Google Analytics, Search Console statements, and possible interactions with Google Ads.

Each of these parts is important and brings many benefits to your website and your business's visibility.

In a competitive environment, there is very little room for error, and the best ones win.


Here's what we do differently

5 essential aspects for an optimal performance of your website : 


Have an engaging content and an exciting way to present it.


Structure the content well and make it attractive to search engines.


Have mentions, relevant links, testimonies, and people talking about you on the web.


A fast, easy-to-read website for search engines.

Social Impact

Be part of the discussion around your products, your market and your brand.

The optimization of your website will improve its performance on several levels : 

  • Boosting the speed of your website
  • Improving your exit rates (reduce bounces rates)
  • Increasing the amount of time visitors spend on your website

After these optimizations, your website will connect much more with your products & services.

We also improve your website visibility in search engines : 

  • Better online domain awareness
  • Free online visits to become soon a must-see choice
  • Analysis of your competitors to reach or exceed them

With highly targeted customers, you will have a better market coverage.