Marketing E-commerce

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E-commerce marketing propels your business to the top

Are your product and service offering unique ? Do a few people offer it on the market ?

Do you have products that are also available from competitors?

Do you want to stand out other than just by price?

It would be best if you had an effective digital marketing strategy for your website.

Marketing adapted for online commerce

Measuring, analyzing and optimizing your customers' purchasing process allows you to get better results quickly. Over time, these various steps also evolve in line with your ecosystem.

Online competition is very fierce.

The customer's approach is very different from when he is in store, talking with your representatives.

You must absolutely assert your online presence and differentiate yourself from your competitors to surpass them.

We suggest a communication agency and good branding before you start with us.

Advantages of an adapted marketing strategy for E-commerce :

  • Establish a personalized approach : a product or type of work, a way to communicate it to a segment of your clientele
  • Choosing the right distribution channels : adapt your strategy according to the right communication channels (B2C, B2B, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google ; think about which ones and determine why you use it)
  • Positioning your brand : determine what sets your company apart ; it's DNA and how you communicate it
  • Measuring performance : sales, but also recurrence and basket abandonment
  • Optimize the buying process : make sure that it is simple, efficient, and meet your multi-channel shoppers' needs
  • Audience management : keeping your customers for the future is much cheaper than continually looking for new customers. The Internet user who was not ready to purchase at the time of his first visit will undoubtedly be prepared at another time if you personalize the offer to him