Performance Marketing

Performance marketing for a profitable website

Our approach focuses on measurable performance and we mainly concentrate on conversions,

which we determine together with our clients as part of a customized strategy.

After an in-depth analysis of your company's advertising needs, we recommend the most efficient platforms, specifically adapted to your needs.

Targeted advertising adapted to your online presence

Text, image or video ads on strong platforms such as Google Ads (Adwords), Facebook Ads, Bing Ads and LinkedIn Ads provide several benefits : 

  • Lead generation
  • Set goals
  • Control live site performance (live monitoring)
  • Non-stop optimizations

The advantages of a targeted advertising campaign

A targeted advertising campaign provides lasting benefits for your e-commerce site.

In addition to increasing the visibility and notoriety of your company, here are other advantages :  

  • Budget management and planning are far easier to perform
  • Campaigns are measured and optimized during the initiative
  • It perfectly blends within your short-, mid- and long-term marketing strategy
  • A/B tests are created so as to generate larger conversion volume
  • Campaigns react very fast to competitors
  • Accurate ROI analysis